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If you have a complaint with your mover regarding shipment delay or the quality of service that you received during your move or another type of complaint that does not fall within the guidelines for arbitration, you should first file a claim with your mover. Then, if your mover denies your claim or provides a settlement offer that you are not satisfied with, just fill out the form below and we will be happy to assist you.

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Unauthorized Operations

Company doesn't have authority from FMCSA to operate

Shipment Documents

Carrier didn't provide a copy of "Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move" Pamphlet.Carrier didn't provide written description of the complaint or inquiry process.Carrier didn't prepare or provide order for service.Carrier didn't inform the shipper of the availability of a neutral arbitration process.Carrier didn't prepare or provide an itemized inventoryCarrier didn't prepare or provide a bill of lading

Estimated/Final Charges

Carrier didn't provide a concise, easy-to-read written (binding or non-binding) estimates of the charges.Carrier didn't honor the form of payment specified in the estimate.Carrier didn't honor a binding estimate.Carrier requested more than 110% of a non-binding estimate at the time of delivery of the shipment.

Estimated freight charges: $

Total deposit paid prior to pickup: $

Total freight charges requested at delivery: $


Carrier didn't provide weigh ticket(s) or an opportunity for the shipper to observe the weighing.Carrier wouldn't re-weigh when requested by the shipper.Carrier wouldn't base the final freight charges on the re-weighted amount.


Carrier didn't relinquish possession of a shipment.

Number of days the shipment was held beyond delivery:

Amount requested from carrier in order to deliver shipment: $

Value of the shipment: $

Pickup and Delivery

Carrier didn't notify the shipper of a service delay in the shipment pickup.

Scheduled pickup date:

Actual pickup date:

Carrier didn't notify the shipper of a service delay in the shipment delivery.

Scheduled delivery date:

Actual delivery date:

Loss and Damages

There were a significant loss and/or damage to the contents of the shipment.

Estimate amount of loss and damage: $

Claim Settlement

Carrier didn't offer a claim settlement.Carrier is not responding to a filed complaint or an inquiry.Carrier refuses to participated in the arbitration process.

Other Commercial Complaints

Respondent listed on the complaint refused to pay for services that were agreed to.This complaint involves the transportation of a personal automobile.Shipper or receiver require the use of a lumper, however, they failed to provide the service and didn't compensate the complainant for all costs associated with this service.The shipper or receiver attempted to coerce or coerced the complainant into loading/unloading the shipment.Owner Operator - Written lease requirements.

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