United States Moving and Storage Association is a national moving and storage association.

USMSA created our consumer Protection and verification program in order to shield and empower consumers by giving them the tools they need to hire a professional , trustworthy moving company.

USMSA will guide consumers to identify legitimate moving companies, and weed out those “rogue” moving companies who don’t have your best interest in mind. The moving companies that are members with USMSA have your best interest in mind and share USMSA’s values. USMSA helps consumers by providing invaluable information regarding your move. From finding a professional moving company, receiving packing advice from our experts, to understanding your estimate, and finding an insurance company specifically to protect your move.

USMSA is your advocate in the moving industry. Our staff screens movers to ensure they are following our government’s strict guidelines, regulation and policies, at affordable prices. Not only is USMSA a consumer’s #1 advocate, we give consumers the tools they need to prepare for their move.

USMSA’s system is proven to ensure consumers like yourself are going to be connected to movers with ethical principles in the moving and storage industry. We also work with federal and state governments to mitigate unethical moving practices; our system separates professional movers from rogue movers who are trying to pass as legitimate moving companies. One of the most important aspects of USMSA’s system, is to aid consumers like yourself, by providing an identifiable measure of quality while, and enhancing the moving industry by encouraging and recognizing those companies who strive to uphold USMSA’s values.

It is important to remember, however, that although, USMSA is not a government agency and does not have the authority to order refunds or reimbursements for damages, force a settlement or to demand any type of compensatory payment from your mover, we can help you file a claim and even act as a mediator. And even though all of USMSA’s members agree to uphold USMSA’s standards, participation does not represent a guarantee by USMSA of their performance. Be assured that if needed, we will remove movers from our membership that no longer meet our standards. As members of USMSA you can be assured our carriers have promised to perform duties with the utmost courteous, safe and honest manner you deserve and expect.

By setting a new standard of ethics, the members of USMSA are improving the moving industry and creating more business opportunities for themselves.

USMSA has formed an alliance and network of transportation specialists within the moving industry that are committed to the stringent performance criteria and customer service standards we have implemented in an effort to provide the highest quality services with competitive and reasonable prices.

USMSA is constantly striving to ensure our measurements go above and beyond the normal industry standards. However, circumstances beyond the control of the carrier do arise. These circumstances such as weather, mechanical issues, a person’s closing of their home being pushed back, an others can affect your move. There are also instances of unintentional loss or damage to household items, due to additional customer items, transferring of items, load shifting, etc. However, when you select a carrier from USMSA’s members list you have the comfort and security of having a specified point of contact to help you navigate through the process if any issues or concerns you have may arise, and will be resolved in an equitable and timely fashion. You can be assured USMSA’s member carriers will perform duties with courtesy, safety, honestly and in a timely manner to keep you satisfied.